The Cord Caddy™ is a patented cord and hose storage and retrieval system that will revolutionize the efficiency, safety, and appearance of any patient monitoring device, anesthesia machine, portable equipment or any device with excessive cord congestion.

Why the Cord Caddy™?

With the Cord Caddy™ you can establish a medical cord storage protocol resulting in:

  • Faster application of leads, which saves valuable nurses’ time
  • Elimination of the frustrating hassle and subsequent stress induced by
    untangling cords
  • Improved infection control from keeping cords of the floor
  • Nursing performance is improved due to faster lead application
  • Dramatic improvement in appearance of the patient room
  • Can be used to shorten excessively long cords alleviating potential tripping
  • Cost savings due to the decrease due to the loss in lost or broken


How can I be sure the Cord Caddy™ model will be compatible with our monitor configuration?

  • If you would like us to review your specific application just take a picture with your smartphone or camera and upload it on our Contact Page.