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Hello and thank you for visiting the Cord Caddy™ Products Website. It is with you, the caregiver in mind that we enter our eleventh year providing the most intuitive, user-friendly and efficient monitor cord organizing system in the world. Thanks to you and your continuous encouragement the Cord Caddy™ is now in use saving valuable nursing time in nearly one thousand hospitals nationwide.

Our goal to alleviate non-productive nursing time spent inefficiently untangling cords while a patient awaits diagnosis assessment and treatment is being realized in thousands of hospital rooms every single day. Additionally, improvements in infection control and safety are enhancements to patient care as a result of your investment in our products. Furthermore, having a means for properly storing monitor cords and keeping them out of harms way are saving hospitals untold thousands of dollars in remedial costs, freeing up resources for other allocations.

So, as you navigate our site and endeavor to find the Cord Caddy™ solution that addresses your specific requirements, we will look forward to assisting you personally to make sure your needs are met as efficiently and professionally as the Cord Caddy™ manages monitor cords.

As we have said before and will say again nurses have more productive things to do with their time than untangle cords.

We look forward to working with you.

Bruce A. Glass
President and Cord Caddy™ inventor

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